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Dr. B not only made my back feel better, but she makes me feel great about the future of life and she also makes me smile.


Since my car accident in August, I've been undergoing therapy under Dr. B. Through the duration of my therapy, she's always been able to work around my schedule. She and her staff have always been able to answer any questions I've had and have made the last 6 months a pleasant experience. I'd recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Dr. B and everyone for all of your help.

James Westrup

Dr. B has provided excellent care and attention to me as a patient. She has helped me overcome a sports-related injury that was causing great pain and limited movement. I am back to 100% and have resumed normal activities. I really enjoy her gentle approach and the peaceful environment of her office."

Rudy Aguila

The first time I visited Dr. Barahemi my upper back was so far out of adjustment that I could hardly walk into her office. Anyone who has had his back go out knows the kind of excruciating and incapacitating pain this is. I was not able to work and the lost revenue and production added additional worry and stress to my life. Through her expert diagnosis and skillful adjustment, my back improved rapidly and I was able to go back to work and run my business. Over the course of the last 8 years, I see Dr. Barahemi for preventive measures. I can say without a doubt that I owe my current state of back alignment to her ongoing attention. I am extremely grateful to her for her professionalism and high degree of personalized attention and caring for her patients. She has dramatically improved a condition that caused me considerable pain and suffering in a relatively short period of time.

Michael McDonald

My son Dylan is a 6'6" 17 yr. old boy who adores playing travel ice hockey and CIF football. Consequently his rather large frame takes quite a pounding. Recently, he sustained an injury during hockey that just didn't seem to get better. This resulted in lost playing time and a very demoralized and unhappy teen. We went to see Dr. Barahemi after other chiropractic didn't improve the condition at all. Her correct evaluation of Dylan's condition and expert adjustment brought instant relief and a smile to his face! In one week, he was back on the ice and a few short weeks later he is playing at full capacity. There is nothing more worrisome to a parent than an injured and hurting child. Dr. Barahemi has earned my full confidence in correcting any condition my child might suffer.

Carolann McDonald

I ran 20 marathons, I visited Dr. Barahemi before and after each marathon for adjustment. Thanks to her support, I was able to achieve my goals and finish the marathons strong. She has a pleasant personality, is courteous, has a relaxing office environment and friendly staff. I recommend her to all my friends!

Ali Mazaheri

My daughter could never crawl as a baby, could not run nor walk up and down stairs normally. This went on for seven years. Her primary care doctor said that she would need orthotics and possible corrective surgery later in life. Dr.b started to align her regularly and within one month my daughter started running and climbing like a normal child of her age. I will attest to the benefits of chiropractic care to anyone who asks.

Sara Valencia

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